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Legal Department


The legal department provides legal consultations for members of the Student Union. We offer the following services:

•Legal advice for students from an experienced attorney 

•Legal assistance 

•Student advocate - law student representation in front of an academic disciplinary hearing


General legal advice

Ran Shoval, Esq. advises on various legal issues faced by students including: place of work (employment contract, employee rights, severance pay etc.), personal status, lease contracts.

To schedule a meeting, call the Association's secretary at 03-6407654 from Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 15:00, or contact mazkirut@student.co.il.

* Please note: Legal advice and financial advice is a service provided exclusively to full student union members who have paid their student activity fee.


Student advocacy

Shira Etzioni and Adam Ben David are undergraduate law student that represent students before the Disciplinary Court of the University. In addition, the Student Counsel advises on a variety of subjects related to conflicts between the administration and students.

To arrange a meeting (regarding disciplinary committees), contact the Student Union secretary at 03-6407654 or email mazkirut@student.co.il.


The Association Comptroller

Guy Hadar, Esq. serves as an auditor of the Association, and in his capacity as the Ombudsman of the Association examines the complaints of Student Union members against an authority? or against another member regarding the fairness and efficiency of the audited authority.?

In addition, Adv. Hadar visits the current activities of the Student Union and its members. He is also a member of the Student Union Council's Audit Committee and a member of the Elections Committee, which is held each year in December.


A meeting can be arranged by phone at 03-6407658 and by email mevaker@student.co.il


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