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Student Activity Fee

What is the student activity fee?
The student activity fee is an annual payment that is collected at the beginning of the year, subject to their consent. This year’s fee comes to 322 shekels. Paying this fee entitles you to a variety of services provided by the university and by the student union. It's student life made easy.
It is important to note that 22 percent of the student activity fee is allocated to the Student Dean, who advocates for student;s rights and handles issues pertaining to student life. 
What services are available for those who pay the fee?
• The option to join the TAU Consumer Club, a credit card for students of the University.
• Parking - In addition to a 25% discount on the "Ahuzat HaHof" parking lots around the campus, you are also entitled to a 50% on parking in the lots surrounding the university. But wait there’s more!  Those who pay the student activity fee are eligible to receive a discount on annual and semester parking passes at the "Ahuzat HaHof" garages. Those who pay the student activity fee are granted participation in the parking pass lottery.
•Crash courses, help booklets from ‘Extra’ and group study marathons are available for courses taught in Hebrew.
• Stipends for social involvement, scholarships for students in need.
• Eligibility to apply for low rate loans from Discount Bank to purchase study materials and reduced rate office supplies. The student fee unlocks a library of borrowable dictionaries, chargers for laptops and mobile phones.
Get the help you need 
• Free legal advice from a licensed attorney including:
    - Assistance in the signing of affidavits (scholarships, discounts on municipal taxes, common law spouses, etc.).
    - Labor laws (worker’s compensation in case of termination, signing a contract of employment).
    - Torts (personal injury).
    - Assistance in signing a lease (if there are problems with the landlord - what do I do?).
• Free financial advice from accountants in matters of tax coordination and tax refunds.
• Possibility to apply for housing in dormitories, as well as eligibility to live in them .
•Personal accidents insurance. What does it include?
- Insurance coverage for accidents that occur on the campus, on the way to or from it, as well as activities carried out on behalf of the university and the association, even if they are off campus
- A portfolio of health services that includes the following 
· General medical consultation.
· Medical evacuation and emergency treatment.
· Treatments for complementary medicine and physiotherapy.
· Diet counseling and proper nutrition, help quitting smoking.
Stress relief treatments (shiatsu, reflexology, etc.).
The insurance coverage is without the need to prove lack of liability, but only to prove the damage caused. For the full policy click here.
Extra Goodies
• Gifts from us at the beginning of the school year, to start the year with a smile.
• A discount of NIS 300 for Funjoya
• A discounted Student Day ticket, so you can come and have fun before the exams.
For the full list of services you are entitled to receive if you paid the student activities fee click here
How do I know where my money goes? What does the Student Union do with it?
We value transparency. You have the right to know where your money goes. We also value accountability. You should get your money’s worth. In keeping with these goals, the Student Union publishes its annual budget on the website. So you can keep us honest. 
Wait, can any student be a member of the student union?
Yes - for free! In order to join the association you must get a valid sticker affixed to the student card. The sticker is available at the help desk in the Mitchell Building and was included in the gifts we distributed at the opening day festival.
Just to be clear - the student activity fee and membership in the Student Union are separate. Those who decline the fee are nevertheless entitled to join the Student Union as a non-paying member eligible for some of the Student Union benefits.
Remember our campus is our community. By paying the fee, you ensure that Tel Aviv University is working for us, the student body. 
Even if the services offered fail to meet your expectations, the money you pay goes to work for students just like you. Help us make Tel Aviv University great. We hope you strongly consider paying this year’s fee.
Services for non-payers
- Low cost coffee machines distributed across campus.
- Public kitchen facilities including microwaves, refrigerators and Tami 4 facilities.
- Access to examination bank and summary database (Hebrew courses only) 
- Participation in forums to improve accessibility across the university.!)
- Fairs and events (such as the Opening Year festival, Student Day)
- Social and communal events
-Arab culture events like stand up comedy, movie nights. 
-International week
- Access to clubs (Debate, Salsa, UN model, Debka, the Union Orchestra and StandWithUs Fellowship).
- The right to vote and be elected to the Student Union institutions.
- Miluimaz project benefits for reserve soldiers and soldiers.
- Services of the Department of Academic Affairs (social workers who help students deal with problems, test tubes - a study center during exams, tutoring - students accompanying students, private tutors' database, protection of student rights in reserve and parenting / pregnancy).
Food corners.
- Discounted meals in cafeterias.
- Discount card for gas stations at "Delek" stations.
- Representation in the Disciplinary Court of the University by the Student Advocacy.
· New! Free use of MOBIKE bikes and discounted BIRD discount rates for students and students of Tel Aviv University!\
Questions? Comments? Legal Help? We are here for you
 * University degree graduates do not have to pay.

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