Academics & Student Rights

Academics & Student Rights


The Academic Consulting department is your go-to destination for all things related to disciplinary action involving the university administration. We also are responsible for academic events around campus. We are able to help you with the following: difficulties with tests or work, criticism and action against university administration or lecturers, and all other school-related concerns. 


While the university experience is rich in social and cultural opportunities, above all we are here to get an education and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead in the work world. Therefore we treat each and every referral to our department with a personal touch.In addition to students' requests, the department promotes change and policy updates on fundamental issues with the university and supplementary projects for students. 


Services the Academic Consulting department provides: handling of student’s academic concerns, communication through our Facebook page, assistance for lone soldiers, operation of the Test Tube study center, translation database, tutor database, course materials, scanning of course notebooks, past test database, educational projects and more.


Reception hours - Meeting outside office hours are arranged by email:


Head of Academic Department - Yossef Haim Simhon: Wed, 10:00-12:00

Head of academic projects - Lihi Ili: Wed, 9:00-11:00

Academic Rights Commissioner for medicine and life sciences - Ofri Pasternak: Mon, 10:00-12:00

Academic Rights Commissioner for graduate degrees - Noam Baram: Mon, 10:00-12:00

Academic Rights Commissioner for engineering and exact sciences - Shaun Tamir: Sun, 10:30-12:30



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