Culture & IR

Culture & IR

The Social department of TAU’s student union is responsible for organizing a wide range of social events over the entire school year. Among our many events are ceremonies (such as the Yitzhak Rabin annual tribute, Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Remembrance Day for fallen Israeli soldiers), study break activities, end of year fun day, workshops, first year student meet up , holiday events and meals, start-of-the-year festival and parties all year long. We host monthly faculty day events and various workshops that run for a number of hours and address topics from food to painting.

We are proud of our collaboration with student clubs like orchestra, debate, model United Nations, salsa and Arab folk dance. We work together to help them realize their vision.

Orchestra: We assist TAU’s orchestra behind the scenes. Last year we helped them organize a Disney themed concert!

Model UN: With our aid Model UN was able to recruit students from the international program. Model UN participates in a number of conferences here in Israel and all over the world to strut their diplomatic ingenuity.

Debate: Tel Aviv University’s debate team is among the finest in the world and holds the number one rank for all of Israel.

Debka - the Palestinian Pasteurization Learning Club, a traditional dance that proudly represents Arab culture throughout the campus.

External Relations: Building rapport with universities in Israel and abroad through overseas delegations. They host international students in joint projects such as: International Week, UN model and projects in cooperation with the Jewish Agency and the World Jewish Student Organization. The department runs the Buddies project and the "Partners" project, which are dedicated to strengthening ties between Israeli and international students. Each year, the Department conducts an international week in Israel, where students from abroad and Israeli students participate, and also sends a large number of students a year to international weeks in various countries around the world.

Arab students: We want our Arab student population to feel at home on campus by  promoting events in Arabic, marking holidays and special days, arranging lectures, parties, professional workshops and more. The department conducts events promoting coexistence between Jews and Arabs and works to make the University's services accessible in the Arabic language.

Reception hours - by appointment in advance / according to the hours of admission of the coordinators as detailed - Reception hours during the examination period:

· Head of the Culture Department - Monday, 10:00-14: 00.

· External Relations Coordinator - Tuesday, 12: 00-14: 00, Thursday: 12: 00-14: 00.

· Cultural Coordinator - Monday, 13:00-15:00, Thursday: 13:00-15:00.


       Phone: 03-6407656




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